Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Here I go.....

Creative? Me? Absolutely not. I was never able to draw a straight line much less cut anything without folding it first. I would make a pot of coffee and spend countless mornings reading DIY and sewing blogs. I could only hope to be that creative. One Saturday I decided to go buy some fabric and reupholster a chaise lounge I was tired of complaining about. How hard could it be? Anything is better than what it looks like now. I spent the rest of the day shopping at a wholesale fabric place - FUN! Then I came home and did it. Yes - that's right I DID IT! I was so proud of my accomplishment, and it had been so fun and therapeutic. I started going to garage sales, thrift stores, and for Christmas I got a sewing machine. So here I am now making patterns, designing the cutest kids clothes on the planet, and working on all the furniture I have acquired. Now it's time I share not only my creations, but how this has helped me stand a little taller. Some days I feel optimistic and some days I feel beaten. My purpose is simple...find strength in my story and share yours or simply just enjoy my creations.
dominique xoxo


  1. Congratulations on starting your blog! I love thrifting, and I always want to do DIY. Just need to get up and do it! I bough a little chair that needs to be recovered at a garage sale months ago, and I keep telling myself that I'll try it. I need to get better at sewing first! Hope your optimistic days outweigh your bad ones. :)

  2. DIY definitely takes some motivation. There's no one making you do it. Once you start you will get on a roll. It's just so satisfying. I started with some easy tutorials I found. Start with that little chair - you'll see!

    Thanks so much much for the comment and visiting my blog!